Holz aus nachhaltiger Forstwirtschaft für Hain Parkett


With Hain Natur-Böden you acquire a certified German branded product.


Quality for the highest demands

Logo Real Wood

Trademark "Real Wood"

Das Markenzeichen der europäischen Föderation der Parkettindustrie (FEP) garantiert, dass die ausgezeichneten Produkte aus Echtholz bestehen – ein wichtiges Unterscheidungsmerkmal zu allen anderen Bodenbelägen. Das Logo „Real Wood“ symbolisiert auch die nachgewiesene hervorragende Umwelt- und Ökobilanz von echtem Holz. Das Label erleichtert Verbrauchern die Identifizierung von Originalprodukten aus dem Naturrohstoff. Die Hain-Böden sind unter der Nummer RW 10-14 bei der FEP registriert worden.



FSC und PEFC Siegel

FSC seal and PEFC seal

Diese Siegel erhalten Unternehmen, welche sich dem verantwortungsvollen Umgang mit der Ressource Holz verpflichten. Das FSC und PEFC sind beides Zertifizierungen, die Materialien und Mengen in jährlichen Prüfungseinheiten bewerten. Diese Produktkettenzertifizierung stellt die Verbindung zwischen der Herkunft des Ursprungsmaterials und dem Endprodukt her.

ECO Label

ECO Label

Das Gütesiegel des eco Instituts in Köln zeichnet schadstoff- und emissionsarme Innenraumprodukte aus, die nach dem neuesten Stand der internationalen Forschung und Wissenschaft strengsten Anforderungen genügen.
Exzellente Qualität und gelebte Nachhaltigkeit stehen nicht im Widerspruch, sondern dienen dem gleichen Ziel – Mensch und Umwelt achtsam zu behandeln. Insofern ist es folgerichtig, dass bei der Ausstattung von Innenräumen das Thema Schadstoffarmut und Wohngesundheit immer mehr Raum einnimmt.

CE Kennzeichen


Die CE-Kennzeichnung bestätigt, dass Hain Bodenbeläge allen grundlegenden europäischen Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsrichtlinien entsprechen.

Hain floors stand for highest standards of quality and best processing

Especially in our technology-dominated everyday life natural products as parquet floors set a pleasant and relaxing contrast. Hain floors are exclusively finished with a natural, slowly oir-drying oil. It penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood, without completely blocking them. In this way the floor builds a very stable, easy-to-care top layer, without taking the braeth of the natural material.

This is why the natural wooden floors in contrast to the industrial mass product are not sealed with UV lacquers or UV oils. Apart from the natural look and pleasant feel the material has a unique function, to improve the room air noticeably and permanently.Wood has the characteristics to optimize the relation between room temperature and humidity by itself without addional energy input. This is a natural guarantor for best room climate.

But requirement therefore is that the open porosity is maintained. The planks keep their ability to absorb surplus humidity and emit to the dry room air if necessary. The result is a naturally balanced room climate, which prevents the occurrence of allergies and respiratory diseases and is comfortable for humans.

This is why all our woods are of sustainable forestry

A contribution to climate protection with parquet
Beautyful living today means more than creating a pleasant atmosphere in the own home. Beautyful is newly defined in times of climate- and environment protection: because beautiful should also be sustainable. Wooden floors have been the most desired flooing for homes many years. Main aspects: They appear beautiful, are practical and at the same time fulfill  contemporary requirements to modern, sustanable building materials:  from the production, to a  long life stable in value to  a eco-fiendly end of use.     

From sustainable forestry
Sustainability beginns for example for the producer Hain, specialist provider of oiled wide planks with the resource: the bavarian family business counts only on woods of euopean origin, sustainable forestry of the region also to avoid long approch. Domestic woods as oak connects regionality with durability. Information about the origin is provided by verifications and certificates, so illegal surces can be excluded.

Manual production
Industrial mass production is usually not possible for oiled wooden floors. Thanks to intense manual procedure the planks stay unique. Hain allows the wood to dry at the air with a self developed oil for much time. This treatment creates a product stable in value and durable, which doesn't have to make room for a new flooring already after a few years. Furthermore the floor can breathe, because it is breathable and not sealed with a layer of lacquer.  This gentle gentle treatment developes a healthy room air , especially a benefit for allergie sufferers. Dust mites have no chance on wooden parquet, it can be wiped damp.
The installation - screwed, glued or floating - doesn't harm the environment: Even dispersion adhesives soluble in water meet highest ecological requirements.

High durability
Wood floors have a high durability if maintained right: By the special surface treatment with natural oil a floor stable in value with a resitant toplayer results. The parquet therefore is resilent, durable, resistant to water and dirt. For the care, special, eco-friendly soaps are available. Even damaged spots can be repaired easy and fast - with some partial regrinding and reoiling. Color variations adjust over time. Wood floors can be grinded several times and equipped with a new surfcae. Floors with sufficient thickness can also be removed and reused. If the floor is worn out anyway it ccan be burnt  or disposed eco-friendly.  This closes the chain of sustinability.

Here a supplement about wood itself: The raw material provides a valuable contribution to climate protection. One cubic meter absorbs around one ton of carbon dioxide and saves it in form of carbon. This effect remains also, by the time parquet or wide planks are made of the ressource. also therefor wood floors bear the seal of sustainability.

A good decision.

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