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The special feature of Hain natural floors is the unique, very time- and labor-intense surface treatment with natural Hain oil.

At the beginnin of the emission-free and eco-friendly surface treatment, the quality controlled planks are grinded and dusted off to prepare the wood perfectly for the special Hain surface treatment. The wood is warmed, to open the pores by the warmth and to make it highly receptive for the Hain oil. The natural oil, without lacquer- or wax-like additives, is applied in a special process. It develops finest crystals under the wood surface, which keeps the natural surface and breathability oft he wood. At the same time the abrasion resistance of the wood is increased by the crystals.

The process of crystallization and the related hardening of the floor takes from various hours up to days –  Because we do not add chemical additives to the Hain-oil. The natural oil and the special Hain surface treatment ensure that the direct contact to the wood is preserved. High slip resistance, high water resistance, and a natural and a velvety shining surface, which becomes more and more beautiful during time, as well as the easy refreshment with care balsam or special soap are the attributes Hain floors can offer. Your floor stays stable in value and beautiful over decades.

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The advantages of naturally oiled parquet

Persistance and durability

With the elaborate and especially gentle finishing process our natural wooden floors become a long-life investment.
The regenerative capacity and slip resistance open almost all application areas. Wherever direct contact to wood is searched for.
The oil forms finest crystals under the wood surface which maintain the natural surface and breathability of the wood.
At the same time the crystals increase the abrasion and water resistance
of the wood surface.

High diffusivity

The natural or naturally finished wood balances temperature and humidity variations independently. So it effects the room climate positively all year long contrary to sealed floors.
Apart from its natural look and feel the material wood has the unique feature of permanently improving the room air. A perfect room climate is between 40-55% relative wood moisture.


Exclusive natural oil finish

Our floors are finished only with self hardening natural oils without lacquer or wax-containing additives. So the surface appears velvety smooth, is antistaic, stays breathable and gives no chance to dust mites and allergies. This makes Hain natural wooden flooring especially suitable for people suffering from allergies.
The velvety shining surface which becomes more beautiful year after
year, as well as the simple care with care balsam and special soap these
are the attributes, which only a floor from Hain can offer you. Therefore
please note our care-instructions

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