Pflegemittel der Firma Hain


We take care that the suitable care products are made of natural substances. Ecological issues and health issues are first priority to us.

For our Hain natural wooden floors we provide the suitable care and cleaning products for first care and regular cleaning. Please use only matching Hain care products for your Hain floor so that you have pleasure with your floor for a long time.

You can download our detailed care instructions here


Order care products

You can purchase all care products also directly from us. Please contact us by email and let us know the desired care products, quantity and your delivery adress. In addition to the product price there will be the freight costs and possible charges for certain types of payment. We will evaluate your individual price for your request.

You can reach us as follows:
Phone: +49 (0) 8039 - 4040

For regelar cleaning and care of oiled or soaped wood floors:

Special soap for wet cleaning - colorless and white

For the steady cleaning and care of oiled, waxed and soaped woodsurfaces or parquet floors indoors. For wood, cork, stone, brick a.s. Especially suitable also for dark woods and special oil surfaces; less discoloartion; no streaks after wet cleaning; can be used instead of wood floor soap. 1 litre special soap sufficient for around 400 m².

Price 1 liter special soap: 31,00 €  without tax


Pflegeseife - farblos und weiß

For the steady cleaning especially of soaped floors.

Price 1 liter care soap: 31,00 € without tax


Carebalsam (oil) - colorless and white

Perfect care product for refreshment of oiled , waxed and soaped wood surfacesor parquet floors in the interior. For parquet, furniture wortops, cork, stone and slate. Depending on use and woodtype the intensive cleaning and re-oiling is delayed. At the same time cleansing effect through essential oils.

Serves also for the prescribed first care of a new Hain natural wooden floor. Care balsam is enough for around 100 qm.

Price 1 liter care balsam colorless: 43,00 € without tax


Carebalsam - white

Zur Pflege und Auffrischung auch von geseiften hellen Böden mit Sprayflasche.

Price 1 liter care balsam white: 43,00 € without tax


Carebalsam - rawoptic

Speziell nur für Oberflächen in "rohoptik" zur Pfege und Auffrischung mit Sprayflasche.

Price 1 liter care balsam rawoptic: 43,00 € without tax

Carebalsam - antiqubrown

Zur Pflege und Auffrischung dunkler Böden wie z. B. Eiche kerngeräuchert, Eiche angeräuchert, Nussbaum mit Sprayflasche.

Price 1 liter care balsam aniquebrown: 43,00 € without tax



for general maintenance cleaning; consisting of:

- special soap colorless or white

- care balsam colorless or white

- cloth, pad, sponge, overshoes, spray bottle, oil dilution

Price per set: 74,00 € without tax

For intensive cleaning,  preparation and repair:


As basic cleaner. With the Hain woodcleaner you can remove residue from liquid substances easily e.g. waterstains or wine.
A subsequent treatment with care balsam or care oil is necessary.

All necessary products for the cleaning of heavily used areas are available in our care- and repair set (see below).

Price woodcleaner in 0,24 liter bottle: 16,00 € without tax

Intensive cleaner

For large-scale cleaning and preparation for the revision of surfaces. Afterwards use of care balsam is necessary.

Price 1 liter bottle : 25,00 € without tax

Repair-set (hard wax)

containing: various waxes, soldering iron, oil

Price: 46,00 € without tax


Care and repair set - colorless and white

The functional set for heavily used rooms or wet rooms.
Consisting of:

- woodcleaner (selective application) solves liquid substances e.g. watertsains or wine
- intensive cleaner (large area application)
- care balsam (colorless or white)


Price per set: 73,00 € without tax

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