Blick in die Produktion bei Hain Natur-Böden in Rott am Inn


Our fundamental principle:
Your natural wooden floor of regrowing forests.


The complex production process of a Hain Natur wooden floor begins with the cutting of the wood in our own sawmill. Qualitative estimation and grading by the eyes of our workers who have been trained for years take place already here.

The wood is predried. Afterwards the ressource-saving cutting of the cover lamellas. These are dried subsequently in around 5-21 day to the required moisture. After this step of production the quality control.

The gluing of the lamellas to planks is made in 3-layer construction (toplayer up to about 4 mm) with an high-end spruce construction. Chipping of the tongue is prevented by using plywood on the short side. So high form stability and durability of the wood floor are guaranteed.

Das Herzstück ist unsere sehr aufwändige und zeitintensive Ölung. Nur durch unser spezielles Verfahren wird eine hochwertige und strapazierfähige Oberfläche erzielt die auch noch nach Jahren stabil ist.


Speziell ausgesuchte Baumstämme im Hain eigenen Sägewerk

1. The evaluation and sorting by the trained eye of our skilled workers is
already taking place at the round timber purchase and cutting.


3. A scanner guarantees a perfect sorting. The top layers (thickness approx. 4mm) are bonded to the high-quality pine substructures.


frisch geölte Parkettdielen in der Produktion

5. The oil forms finest crystals under the wood surface which maintain the natural surface and breathability of the wood. At the same time the crystals increase the abrasion and water resistance of the wood surface.


Mitarbeiterin bei der finalen Kontrolle und händischen Ausbesserung einer Parkettdiele

7. Manufactur: every plank is examined and evaluated individually by our specially trained employees.

eingeschnitte Holzlamellen für die Trocknung und weitere Verarbeitung zu Parkettboden

2. In the sawmill: After the resource-saving cutting the wear layers are pre-dried. This is followed by a quality control and end-drying.

Ölung Castello

4. The core of Hain is the extravagant and timeintensive oil treatment: each planks are sanded before the oil treatment and partly textured and
profiled. We warm the wood (pores are opening) what makes it especially receptive for the Hain-oil

Gestapelte Dielen in einem speziellen Wagen zur schonenden Trocknung

6. The natural Hain-oil is applied evenly in a self-developed and gentle process. The formation of crystals and the resulting natural drying of the floor take several hours or days and are repeated 2-3 times.
The wide planks get enough time for the working and drying of the oil in air while put in special drying carts.

Hain Parkettlager in Rott am Inn

8. The wide planks, oiled and ready for laying, are now packed and
prepared for dispatch in the interim storage.

dunkler Boden im Wohnzimmer

High slip and water resistance, the velvety shining surface which becomes more beautiful year after year, as well as the simple care with care balsam and special soap these are the attributes, which only a floor from Hain can offer you.
Your floor stays unique, stable in value and beautiful for decades. Our permanent certifications are proof for this.

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