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Installation of Hain natural wooden floors

Important: A check of the elements for recognizable faults or damages, color and structure. Installed goods are excluded from claim.

  • Contraction joints or cracks in the screed need to have a frictional connection for full adhesion as well as for floating installation e.g. by filling with synthetic resin.
  • The packages may only be opened right before installation. The perfect installation temperature is 18 degrees Celsius.
  • In the winterseason the to be installed elements should be adjusted in the unopened original  packaging  by  a temperature of approximately 18 degrees.
  • For floating installation and room length or width of more than 5m an expansion joint needs to be  included.
  • For narrow hallways always take care of lonsides installation direction.
  • For L-, T-,  or U-shaped outlines full adhesion is recommended. Therefore please note the gluing instructions.

To the detailed Hain installation and care instructions >>>

Preventive measures for the visual preservation of oiled floors

  • Protect chair- and table legs with felt gliders
  • Avoid the impact of sharp items
  • Take up fluids from the floor as quick as possible
  •  In entrance areas such as front door or terrace area use doormats for dirt absorbtion
  • Occasionally take up loose dust with a duster  
  • Steady refreshment with care balsam 
Holz Herz

Small reparations made easy

  • Sand the area which needs to be repaired with steel wool and grinding fleece in grain direction and finish grind with sanding paper korn 320 if necessary.  
  • Remove sanding dust with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Apply oil with a cloth, for bigger areas with brush or role.
  • Let it work for some minutes and remove oil residues eith a dry and clean cotton cloth.
  • After drying, polish area with a non-fraying cloth. 
  • Ligth color variations (stains) are normal und adjust after some time.
  •  If a scouring sponge was used to remove strong dirt light scouring stains result. These need to be reworked with a few drops of care oil.
  • Warning: Oil dries oxidatively, that means heat develops. in connection with flamable substances as textiles or wooddust an accumulation of heat can arise which can possibly cause  spontaneeous combustion. Hang oilsoaked cloths up to dry for at least 24 hours outdoors single and straith. Afterwards they can be disposed.
Kleinere Reparaturen an Hain Parkettböden

Treatment of grey or dirty surfaces

Clean greyed or dirty floors with a solution of intensive cleaner. Therefoer always wash out the wipes in clear water. Let it dry well for some hours and then re-oil with care oil. For this, spray on the care oil and massage in with a lint-free cotton cloth, avoid oil puddles. After oiling the area possibly shouldn't be stepped on for around 1 day. It should be waited befor wet cleaning for a couple of days and then cleaned with soapy water according care instructions.

We recommend the first aftercare with care oil for heavily used floors already after 8-10 weeks and then every 6 months or as required.

We want to point out again, that slight greying of wooden floors occurs by the interaction of humidity and UV-impact and so is natural to some extent. But by the „enlivening“ effect of the care oil this can be reduced sigificantly, that means the woodcolor looks much better again.

Renovation of dirty oil surfaces

Mix the intesive cleaner with warm water and apply to the dirty floor, let it work and clean up the dirty water with a cloth warm. Therefore wash out the cloth in a second bucket with clear water. For persistent stains a brush or scouring sponge can be used for help.

Afterwards the floor needs to dry well. (best a couple of hours or over night). In case the floor still appears scratched and unsightly, this areas can be processed with a mesh or grining fleece.

On the dry floor now apply care oil with a lint-free cloth or spray bottle and work it in well. For heavily worn floors two times application can be necessary. After oiling the area should possibly not be stepped on for around 1 day. With the wet cleaning you should wait a few days and the wip with soapy water according care instructions.

Gloss level of oiled floors

Basically you can see that our oiled sufaces have a high and not always even gloss level due to manufactoring . From experience a higher gloss level is no reason for concern, as this is only a slight oil residue, which is quickly removed by oxygen and wet cleaning. With this the floor gets its typical matt or dull shine after some month latest.

Also the colorshade can be changed by the use of white or colorless special soap. A grey shade occurs a some cases, because the alcalic reaction that the soap causes (soap=lye) The area can be mattened by using of a green pad artificially, but then needs to be reworked with careoil afterwards. We usually do not recommend this method, because it is an artificial abrasion.

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